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No official statement has been released via the official site yet, but Brad McQuaid joined the KTAM team on the Epic Sunday broadcast today to break the news that further money donated through the site would go towards site upkeep, while development would be suspended while the team seeks out more funding. I am sure there will be more news to follow regarding this in the coming days.
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For those who wanted an inside look at the real core of MMORPG design, there is no better place to get it right now than at the official Pantheon site. For the past several days, players have been able to read over and comment with Brad about his lengthy high level concept design document covering the use of climates in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Take a look and leave your comments in our forums, then sign up at the official site so that you can directly impact the discussion.


Climate High Level Design Document (HLDD)

Climates, Climate Types, Affect Types

A Climate is a type of 3DS (a defined three dimensional area of space in a zone, much like it was in Vanguard). A Climate has a name/description. It has data that describes a particular Climate placed into a zone that is a 3DS. It has a type which references the Climate Types...
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Vu Nguyen released several more screen shots this week showing some details of the Sunken Sanctum build, and placing his work-in-progress dragon into some real world environments. View the screens below to get a feel for how this area is developing, then join us to comment in the forums.

2136_fb38.jpg 2138_b97f.jpg 213c_75de.jpg 21bb_1f15.jpg 21c1_14e8.jpg
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The third installment of the Imago thief stories is ready for your reading. Enjoy!

Ethosians are difficult to find, mostly because they keep to themselves. By the same extension, anything they choose to acquire - is also hidden by the sands. In the city of Mirage, not everything is as it seems, but everything is as the Ethosians devise it to be.

The staff's head glistens in the sunlight. Its jewels paint a kaleidoscope of color onto the hot, white sand. Hatesu's grip is gentle but firm as she closes her eyes to hear the word of A'Naza - the Ethosian Goddess of the Gates. They flow into her mind, a caressing whisper of power meant only for the Goddess' High Priestess.

Read rest of story....
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Kaedryn Keep


“Heart of Valor”

Type: Military Fortress

Location: Kingsreach

Creators: Briggaens

“As long as Kaedryn Keep stands, the King of Triundia shall reign.” – Knight Lord Bardrick of the Knights of Triundia


Built in 125 A.C., Kaedryn Keep is a Briggaen fortification that has stood at the heart of Kingsreach for over a century. Named after the great King Kaedryn the 3rd, the keep is home to the legendary valorous Knights of Triundia. It has withstood attacks from hordes of undead, ogre clans and even dragons. This has given the keep a reputation for being impregnable. The secret behind its might rests with the Briggaen alliances. Dwarven engineers from Strontia built the keep in honor of King Kaedryn. The very stone...
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